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Ingresso KNX Blumotix con nuova interfaccia pulsanti equipaggiata con uscite per il controllo dei LED di segnalazione presenti nelle moderne serie civili.

Alle tradizionali funzioni già descritte per il dispositivo precedente, BX-4XIOL unisce una serie di oggetti di comunicazione per il controllo della segnalazione luminosa.

DettagliThis is the new push-button interface equipped with outputs for monitoring the warning LEDs found in modern domestic series. The traditional functions previously described for the BX-4XIO device are complemented by a series of communication objects for monitoring warning lights. The device is equipped with a 15 cm long cable and 4 pairs of wires for direct connection to the push buttons. The wires have different colors to facilitate the recognition of the channels. Inputs are individually configurable with ETS to perform the desired function by the designer. The device provides control functions for load control, opening and closing of shutters, adjustment of a light source and selection of scenarios. Some of these functions exploit the possibility of recognizing the prolonged closure of the auxiliary contact to carry out the command desired. Inputs KNX Blumotix – ETS Data: – Input parametrized individually – Programmable contacts normally open or normally closed – Long press function available – Long press interval in seconds programmable – Switch function – Button function – Dimmer function – Blind and shutter function – Scene function
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