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L’ interfaccia USB KNX 312 funge da interfaccia dati tra un PC o laptop e il bus di installazione KNX. Può essere utilizzato come interfaccia di programmazione per il software ETS® versione 3 (o successiva) e supporta KNX Long Frames. I telegrammi lunghi consentono download più veloci nei dispositivi che possono ricevere questi telegrammi.

I LED presenti nel dispositivo indicano lo stato di funzionamento e gli errori di comunicazione sul bus. La connessione USB è isolata galvanicamente dal bus KNX.

Questa interfaccia USB può essere utilizzata per programmare i dispositivi KNX Secure con l’ETS.


KNX USB Interface 312

The KNX USB Interface 312 is a data interface between a PC or laptop and the KNX installation bus. It can be used as a programming interface for ETS® Software Version 3 (or higher) and supports KNX long frames. Long telegrams enable a faster download to devices that can receive these telegrams. The LEDs on the device indicate the operating status and communication errors on the bus. The USB connector is galvanic isolated from the KNX bus.   KNX_USB_Interface_312_schaubild_klein.png Notes for developers The KNX USB communication is based on HID and cEMI telegram coding according to the KNX specification. To integrate the KNX USB Interface in applications running on Windows or Linux the cross-platform SDK kDrive is available from Weinzierl. In addition to the telegram interface via cEMI, the KNX USB Interface 312 includes a complete KNX Stack with communication objects and BAOS protocol V2. Thus, the device offers the possibility to extend devices with USB connection to full KNX devices, which can even be programmed by ETS. For more information about this solution and available SDKs please contact us.  

  Technical data

Mechanical Data

  • Housing: plastic
  • DIN rail mounted device, width: 1 TE


  • LED (multicolor) for USB
  • LED (multicolor) for KNX


  • Medium TP
  • Long Frame
  • Object Server: BAOS V2
  • Device model: System B

Power supply

  • USB < 15 mA
  • KNX < 3mA


  • KNX connector
  • USB connector type B


  • ETS (Engineering Tool Software) ETS3 or later
  • Falcon Driver (KNX Association)
  • kDrive (Weinzierl)
Documentazione tecnica

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